If you are not ready to consume natural milk straight from the cow, prefer to boil it, and would like to extend the shelf life of our milk, then this product is probably more suitable for you.

Our pasteurized milk tastes just as good as raw milk - because it's just been heated to the right temperature and cooled. Pasteurizing milk allows us to suppress pathogens without boiling and retain the beneficial properties of raw milk.

Organic dairy products are the natural basis for a healthy diet and a natural antidote to environmental toxins.

Did you know that pasteurized milk produced in our factory is not only an invaluable source of proteins and fats essential for cellular metabolism? Cow's milk has an amazing ability to neutralize dangerous substances that inevitably enter the body.

Pasteurized milk is absolutely safe and does not need heat treatment.

Appearance and consistency: Opaque liquid, homogeneous, not thick, slightly viscous. Without protein flakes and clumped lumps of fat.

Taste and odor: Milky, without extraneous flavors and odors, with a slight taste of boiling.

Color: Milky-white uniform throughout the mass.

Conforms to: GOST 31 450-2013

Fat content percentage: 2,5%; 3-4%