The benefits of fermented dairy products have long been known. Kefir helps to improve digestion and activate metabolism.
The protein of cow's milk, which has undergone natural fermentation, is extremely easy for the body to digest. And kefir LLC "Mayma-Moloko", made from the purest milk of cows kept in the Altai foothills, is doubly useful for health.

Appearance and consistency: Homogeneous, with broken or undisturbed clot. Gas formation in the form of individual eyes caused by normal microflora is allowed.

Taste and odor: Pure sour milk without extraneous flavors and odors. The taste is slightly sharp, yeast flavor is allowed.

Color: Milky-white uniform throughout the mass.

Conforms to: GOST 31454-2012

Mass fraction of fat: 1%; 3.2%; 2.5%

Net weight: 900 g

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