Yogurt 2,5%

Sour milk products are very useful, but not everyone likes the sour taste of ordinary kefir. To avoid problems with feeding your child, buy him yogurt from Mayma-Moloko LLC. Children really like the delicate sweet flavor of this natural product. In addition, calcium and protein, which are part of milk that has undergone natural fermentation, are more quickly digested. There are no unnatural additives in our yogurt, which means that your body will get more benefits.

Appearance and consistency: Homogeneous, moderately viscous, with broken clot, with the presence of fruit filling.

Taste and odor: Sour milk, without extraneous flavors and odors, moderately sweet.

Color: Conditioned by the color of the added fruit filler.

Ingredients: Normalized milk, yogurt starter, content of lactic acid bacteria not less than  10 7 CFU/g at the end of shelf life, fruit  filler.

Flavors: Strawberry; Apricot; Raspberry; Cherry-Cherry; Cereal; Orange-Mango-Coconut.

Conforms to: GOST 31981-2013