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The Altai Mountains are one of the few places on Earth where the primordial nature has not been subjected to the onslaught of civilization. These are rugged mountains with white caps of eternal snows and crystal rivers flowing from them, virgin taiga with unusually diverse flora and fauna, blue lakes reflecting the blue of the sky, and unusually bright colors of alpine meadows.
Founded: 1975
Products: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, yogurts, kefir, sour cream, ryazhenka, snowflake, cheeses
Region: Altay Republic
Of all the branches of the dairy industry, cheesemaking is the most demanding to the quality of milk. The best raw material for cheese production is milk from cows whose diet includes the herbs of mountain meadows and pastures with a rich botanical composition. There are not many such regions in Russia.

The most representative and positive example is the Altai Republic, where it is possible to produce dairy products of excellent quality.
In 1975, construction of the Gorno-Altaisk butter and cheese factory began in the southwest of the village of Mayma.

In 1979 it was put into operation. The factory processed 140 tons of milk per day. 150 people worked at the enterprise.

On 15.08.2000 on the basis of this enterprise LLC "Mayma-moloko" was established.

Since April 2005 a new stage in the life of the enterprise LLC "Mayma-Moloko" begins. Not only the composition of participants of the limited liability company changes, but also the structure of the plant.

The new management team, having studied the regional market of cheese-making and whole-milk products, the state of fixed assets, developed an investment program for the restoration and development of the enterprise and carried out a radical reconstruction and full-scale modernization of production.
In 2006 we carried out a comprehensive modernization of production. Within 6 months we re-equipped the shops with modern equipment.

We purchased technologies in Spain, Italy, France and Germany to produce cheeses meeting European quality standards.

During the reconstruction all sewerage, electric and water supply networks were completely replaced. The reconstruction started with strengthening of foundations, walls, beams and floor slabs. The production building is covered with a new roof.
The largest retail chains work with us